Radio WXPN is a public radio station that has a reputation for being a leading voice in the world of music discovery and promotion. Known for its focus on indie and alternative rock, the station offers a diverse range of music genres from Americana, Folk, and Blues to World Music and more. The station has a strong commitment to playing music from emerging artists and providing a platform for their music to be heard. The station's knowledgeable and experienced DJs have a passion for music, they bring a unique perspective on the music they play, providing commentary, trivia and behind-the-scenes stories to the listeners. With a mix of live performances, interviews and studio sessions, the station offers an intimate and engaging listening experience. In addition to the music programming, the station also features talk shows that cover a wide range of topics such as music news, arts, and cultural events. The station also provides local, national and international news and weather updates. Radio WXPN is a community-driven station that not only plays music but also promotes the vibrant arts and culture scene in the area. With its strong focus on emerging artists and diverse music programming, the station is a destination for music enthusiasts and people who are passionate about discovering new music.

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