Metaverse Radio

Metaverse Radio for IIID SOUNDS at WMVR-DB Chicago & the Metaverse. IIID SOUNDS in the web3 era: community of interest includes, among others: independent musicians, visual artists, philosophers, futurists, science fiction aficionados, gamers, computer scientists/programmers, digital designers/coders, and persons interested in artificial intelligence and blockchain technology (cf. metaverse, indie, music, edm, nfts, non-fungible, tokens, blockchain, AI, gaming, futurism web3, sci-fi, philosophy, technology, hip hop, rap, music, entertainment). Metaverse Radio encourages the decentralized assent of human creativity, focusing especially on quality, interoperability, and interactivity of auditory senses within both the IIID digital landscape and our physical life existence. Metaverse Radio expands exposure opportunities for independent and emerging musicians.

The radio station will start playing after just one advertisement